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Introduction to Algorithms chap.1

I started reading a famous book entitled "Introduction to Algorithms," which is known as a textbook used in MIT. If I read one chapter a week, I would be able to finished the book in a year. Still It would take quite a long time though. Anyway I think I'm going to write memos when I'm done with a chapter.

This is about the first chapter "The Role of Algorithms in Computing." This chapter explains what the use of learning algorithms. I found an interesting question in this chapter.

"Suppose computers were infinitely fast and computer memory was free. Would you have any reason to study algorithms?"

The answer is, of course, yes! (Truth be told, I was not able to find a witty answer by myself..)
You still want to know:
1. Your algorithm terminates?
2. If so, with a correct answer?

It also mentions quite a few areas in which algorithms really help.
  • hardware design
  • graphical user interface
  • networking
  • computer language (compiler, interpreter, or assembler)
Some people say, "In this age when the computer has developed this far in a sense of hardware, what the use of learning fast algorithm?" But as the book says, "With the ever-increasing capacities of computers, we use them to solve larger problems than ever before."

I would conclude that this first chapter is really encouraging for those who want to start learning algorithms. You should try it out.

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