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adaptively: 適応的に
It encodes the input sentence into a sequence of vectors and chooses a subset of these vectors adaptively while decoding the translation.(引用元

aforementioned: 前述の
In addition to the aforementioned relevance criterion, ...(引用元

exhibit: 示す、提示する
the relative difference between the two algorithms exhibits a relatively large variance over different domains.(引用元

heterogeneous: 異種の、異質の
the adopted L2R framework makes room for a seamless integration of heterogeneous models and data sources, by merging all of them into the  nal scoring model in the form of additional features.(引用元

homogeneous: 同種の、同質の
the novel information can be homogeneously fed into the L2R engine in the form of additional features.(引用元

outperform: 〜より性能がすぐれている
It is clear from the table that in all the cases, the proposed RNNsearch outperforms the conventional RNNencdec. (引用元

qualitative analysis: 定性的な分析
We also present some qualitative analysis of the output from our models. (引用元

quantitative results: 定量的な結果
In conjunction with the quantitative results presented already, ... (引用元

to our knowledge: 我々が知る限り
To our knowledge, this is the first time a multi-objective recommendation problem is addressed within the learning-to-rerank framework. (引用元

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