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New Year's Resolutions 2012

A happy new year! -- a little late?? --

I just want to declare my new year's resolutions here:

1. Get a challenging job
2. Go to gym once a week
3. Be promoted to a yellow coder
4. Read one book a month

I'll go further from up to the bottom.

1. I want to tackle on more challenging tasks, which I've hoped for a couple of years. Just like Steve said, "your work takes up most of your life." I have to search more interesting, challenging, thrilling tasks than my hobby: programming competitions.

2. My parents and my younger brother are kind of obese. It's very likely that I'm going to be fatter. This is a dangerous situation I have to avoid with all my efforts. Got to lower my weight to around 55 kg this year. Plus, exercises are good to your heath and brain :)

3. I've stayed tuned in "blue" for a long time, going up and down, up and down between the rating of 1400 and 1500. I know that to be a yellow coder, I have to be able to solve medium-level problems: not always, but one out of three.

4. I think I've somehow developed my math ability and logical thinking by competitive programming. "What I completely lack is knowledge," I noticed. I need more knowledge, that is, "what-is" knowledge, like vocabularies, histories, cultures, and latest news. I bet reading is a good place to start off.

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