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New Year's Resolutions

A happy new year!
How you guys doing?

Today I'll write down my new year's resolutions!
  1. Be a "stable" blue coder
  2. Be ranked in top 1 % on POJ
  3. write Tech Tips(This blog) in English
  4. Get a pay raise :)
Here I'll go over the things above one by one, more detail.
1. might be a little difficult, but not impossible if I have good preparations. "Stable" means that have an ability to solve all three problems on div2 in time.

2. This is quite easy task! I'm now ranked in top 1.25 % or so. So it's a matter of time!

3. This is for practicing English! After getting the score of 900+ on the TOEIC test, seems like I'm getting away from studying English. So I think I will brush up my English more and more!

4. This is difficult! I hope that my company will be generous!

Wow, I've got a lot on my plate.
Seems like it's gonna be pretty busy this year.

See you.

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