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Code Name "Tiger"

Oops, seems I'm completely ignorant.
I didn't know JAVA's new features adopted in J2SE5.0 -- auto-boxing--.

This new feature introduced in "Tiger", which is the code name for J2SE5.0, is quite amazing.
Truth be told, I was under the impression that wrapping primitive types to Wrapper types was the biggest fault in JAVA.
But the drawback was removed so long ago, it seems.

Haha, what a pity.
It's just my luck, when I was using JAVA at work, the version was "Kestrel."

Here, I'll post the code utilizing the feature "auto-boxing" along with the feature introduced in Tiger, the "for-each" iterator.

public class Main {
public static void main(String args[]) {
ArrayList<Integer> x = new ArrayList<Integer>();

int n = 2;

for (int i : x)

Now that I learned JAVA's new selling points, I'm getting willing to switch to JAVA more than ever~~.

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