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200 Accepted on POJ

I did it! I've got 200 ACs on POJ, Peking Online Judge, which is the biggest computer algorithm exercise platform!
The next target is, of course, 300 ACs.

Looking back on days after I got 100 ACs, what happened?
What I got? Or what I learned?

umm, I got a little familiar with the game tree, DFS, and the union find tree.
oh, last and not least, I learned a lot about the bit manipulations -- bit DP, the inclusion and exclusion principle --.

The problem left unsolved on POJ is getting more and more difficult.
I barely come up with an approach to the problems easily these day.
And the more problems I solve, the more I notice that I need lots of practices.

What I'm interested in now?
Well, hash algorithm, especially string manipulations against a large mount of text such as Rabin-Karp string search algorithm.
I understand how the hash function works and how it cuts the time to calculate the hash value. But I cannot apply it to several problems on POJ.

And also, I'm curious about the matching problem.
Both the matching problem in bipartite graph and the general matching problem.
But it seems it's a little difficult to me for now.
If you can solve this problem, could you tell me how to solve it??

Ahh, I get hungry. I have to go eat something.
See you.
Thanks for reading.

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